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Chaotic Problems

Chaotic problems are difficult to understand the relation between cause and effect. No obvious pattern to follow. Financial markets, highly dynamic and personal, results reflect changes in time and complex data structures.


Competition tends to fuel self-centred short-terminism.

Complex Problems

Complex problems requires analysis and reflection, ad-hoc problem solving with workflows to help solve the problem. Resolution is not a predictor of the future.

Complicated Problems

Complicated: Need domain expertise/experience to understand the problem and how to fix with decision tree in the workflow map. Best practice analysis

DAO Problems

What are the biggest challenges that DAOs need to solve?

Desci DAOs

Key strengths over traditional conventions are:

Drugs and Addiction

The real problem is not drugs as much as the people that are prone to addiction.

Global Supply Chain

International trade relies on moving containers, but the global demand for physical goods is dramatically outpacing infrastructure.

Issues Log

Log of past development issues, investigations and resolutions so you can improve the process and establish where knowledge gaps are.


The economic ponzi-scheme of passing debt onto the next generation with an ever expanding population won't work.

Payment in Crypto

It lessens credibility of belief in the utility of crypto when figureheads of the ecosystem are not walking their talk


Use first principles to go deep when you identify the most important problem.

Problem Statement

A problem statement should describe an undesirable gap between the current-state level of performance and the desired future-state level of performance.


The most profitable businesses solve the most valuable problems?


Sectors that will need to adapt their operating models due to the influence of transformative technology

Simple Problems

Simple: The impact of cause and effect are well-defined. Simple data analysis to monitor and easily understood workflows to prevent or fix problems without much experience. Best practice exists

Social DAOs

Key strengths over traditional conventions are:

Standardisation Problem

The more processes can be standardised globally the more they can be collectively analysed and improved to create improve decision making and execution.

Types of DAOs

Pioneering types of DAOs that are shaping the standard operating procedures and systems to co-ordinate decentralised decision making.


Why do wars start? What is the truth?

Web3 Developer Shortage

Tech has a wide surface area of skills to learn with many competing voices on the critical path to gain valuable skills. Web3 is adding to this confusion and demand but a lack of good (validated) education resources exist.