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Analytical Dashboards

An analytical dashboard is a type of dashboard that comprises a large amount of data that analysts have generated and are using to assist executives. They provide a full perspective of data to a company, with middle management being a critical component of its use.

Bad Habits

Identify the enemy within, then reprogram the story.


Breath correctly, feel better, live longer.

Content Audit

Content Audits work with Process Maps to link pages to document operational workflows.


Strength is a skill, grease the groove to optimise longevity and agility of body and mind.


Prioritise the creation of corrective action protocols from red flag triggers.


Discipline and consistency is more valuable than talent. Better habits lead to better lives.


Practice routines that provide mental health through clarity of thought.

Operational Dashboards

An operational dashboard displays key performance indicators (KPIs) and other important metrics that are essential to the day-to-day operations of a business or organization.


Ability to catch and pass smoothly is what makes a game flow.


Standard checklist of questions to review on a routine basis to review progress and direction.


What is the most high value thing you can focus on right now?


Define ratios for what time of thinking is needed to evolve.

Speed Gym Training

Speed is first to disappear with age, therefore need to train mitochondria to focus on power to weight ratio.

Strategic Dashboards

A strategic dashboard is a reporting tool that uses crucial success metrics to track a company's long-term strategy. They're frequently complicated to create, have a wide-ranging impact on a company, and are primarily employed by top management.

Tactical Dashboards

The analysis and monitoring of processes by mid-level management is aided by a tactical dashboard, which emphasizes the analysis. The organization then successfully monitors the achievement of the company's aim and makes analytic recommendations for future plans.

Value Time

What do you need to do to get the most out of time?

VS Code

How do you get the most out VS Code?