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Analytical Dashboards

An analytical dashboard is a type of dashboard that comprises a large amount of data that analysts have generated and are using to assist executives. They provide a full perspective of data to a company, with middle management being a critical component of its use.

Content Audit

Meta of the matter - thinking about how best to think about things.


Grease the groove for optimised longevity and agility of body and mind.


To acheive Assisted Intelligence, the Meta of the Matter is where the value lies.

Meta Learning

Use projects to expand knowledge frontiers then contract to fine tune standard procedures.

Operational Dashboards

One of the types of dashboards used for monitoring and managing activities with a shorter time horizon is an operational dashboard. They're frequently administered by junior levels of management because they focus on tracking operational processes.


Ability to catch and pass smoothly is what makes a game flow.


Define ratios for what time of thinking is needed to evolve.

Strategic Dashboards

A strategic dashboard is a reporting tool that uses crucial success metrics to track a company's long-term strategy. They're frequently complicated to create, have a wide-ranging impact on a company, and are primarily employed by top management.

Tactical Dashboards

The analysis and monitoring of processes by mid-level management is aided by a tactical dashboard, which emphasizes the analysis. The organization then successfully monitors the achievement of the company's aim and makes analytic recommendations for future plans.