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Customer Collaboration

Enable customers that have just passed through a challenge to sell the journey to others in return for loyalty rewards.

Customer lifecycle management

This workflow focuses on managing customers throughout their entire lifecycle, from acquisition to retention and upselling. The workflow can include:


Use ecommerce to sell products that enhance your brand and mission.

JTBD Marketing

JTBD analysis in an essential method for driving marketing strategy and guiding sales conversations.

Lead and contact generation

Develop strategies for increasing sales with a focus on capturing and managing leads and contacts from various sources, such as website forms, trade shows, or social media.

Lead qualification

Lead qualification workflows help ensure that only promising leads move further down the sales funnel. The workflow steps can be as follows:

Loss Aversion

The pain of losing feels twice much worse than the pleasure of gaining.


Trust is rewarded with loyalty.

Magic Number

Evaluate on a quarterly basis to measure the efficiency of a company's sales and marketing spend.


Understand the psychology of persuasion.

Pitch Deck

Even if you don't want to raise capital from investors, perfect the pitch of your future vision to yourself and your loved ones as the investors, because as a group you will pay for it with your time and energy, which is consitutes the most valuable thing you have in life.

Reciprocity Bias

Reciprocity bias describes the impulse to reciprocate actions others have done towards us. The desire to return favours, pay back debts and treat others well could have been a decisive evolutionary advantage for humans as it engenders cooperation. However, reciprocity bias can also work in reverse — in response to unfriendly actions, people will deliver back other unfriendly actions!


To sell is human. The most important person to convince is yourself.

Sales Proposal

The sales process workflow guides sales teams through the various stages of closing deals. It typically includes the following steps: