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Amount of production from plant, tools and process.


The rise of web3 will progressively automate complex decision making. Engineers need to make sure they close the control loop to create virtuous cycles.


Focused attention on how to bring the vision to life.

Critical Path

Strategy and tactics to follow the path that maintains the optimal state of flow.

Embrace Chaos

To keep up with the rate of innovation due to Blockchain and Decentralised work processes, teams will need to learn how to thrive in chaos.


Constant growth in the sweet spot between interest, value and difficulty.


Learn to become a super forecaster of the future. A person with vision has trained themselves to see opportunities others cannot.


Freedom to choose how to spend your time is the greatest value of money.

Game Economics

Identify the inflection point of skill beyond which it becomes more economical to be good at the game.


Live your values or live a lie.


Humour born out of humility.

Job To Be Done Stories

When you can retell someone else's story, better than they tell it themselves, you can then dissect to establish where the value is.


The key metric of capitalism is the liquidity of the market.


You find out who your mates are when times are toughest.

Miner Extractable Value

Miner extractable value (MEV) is a measure of profit that blockchain miners can make through their ability to arbitrarily include, exclude, or re-order transactions


Treat people as you would like to be treated.


More, faster experiments speed up evolution.


The study of factors that impact the demand and supply of tokens to capture value.


What is the value of the truth?

Value System

You have a much better chance of achiving a life that has value when you can define what really is valuable.


What does it really mean to be wealthy?