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All Blacks

People are lead by narratives, the strongest brands compete on emotion.


Capacity to store and unleash energy to meet demands and match quality standards over an extended period of time.

Critical Path

Strategy and tactics to follow the path that maintains the optimal state of flow.


The debt load will continue to grow exponentially, unless a new technology or energy source is invented or discovered that dramatically increases the productivity and the economic potential of society, and by extension, future tax revenues.


The Flywheel Model create virtuous cycles through focusing on enhancing customer experience to build trusted relationships via continuous learning from feedback data. This combination of insights into human behaviour and with weight of goodwill for delivering core promises, provides a platform to experiment with tangential opportunities to drive growth across multiple domain problems.

Game Builders

For creators and developers, the following improvements are unlocked:


Goodwill created by culture and shared through teamwork.

JTBD Marketing

JTBD analysis in an essential method for driving marketing strategy and guiding sales conversations.


Financial capacity to act with speed. The key metric of capitalism is the liquidity of the market.

Maximal Extractable Value

Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) refers to a strategy to include, omit, or reorder transactions when making a new block to maximise profit.


Business model defensibility.

NFT Valuation

A non-fungible token is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger.


Crypto games encourage broader and deeper ways to participate in the game.


What are things you can measure to quantify increase or decrease of value?

Speed KPI

The quick and the dead. Age slows unless you continously invest time and energy into improving power to weight ratio.

Supporting Processes

Jobs that need to be done to keep the business in legal compliance and maintain systems integrity.


Seek immutables truths to base reasoning upon.

Utility KPI

The capability to process a wide array of inputs to create positive outputs.

Value Honesty

You can't hide from the person in the mirror. Better to front up and do the right thing.

Value Humour

Humour is worth more than gold when delievered with integrity.


Verifiable truth for blockchain interoperability.