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Investors into Web3 Businesses


Ark believes strongly in focusing investment into the following tech platforms


To land the fish you want you need to know what you want to catch.


Composability is to software as compounding interest is to finance. cdixon


Scale your community with tools to reward contributors, incentivize participation and manage resources.

Crypto Metrics

In DeFi (Decentralized Finance), understanding value creation is crucial for assessing the potential and sustainability of projects. Here are some of the most important metrics to measure to understand value creation on the blockchain within the context of DeFi:

Crypto Payment

Instead of relying on the outmoded infrastructure of banks and payment processors, users of web3 can spend and send money directly using cryptocurrencies.

DAO Problems

What are the biggest challenges that DAOs need to solve?

DAO Protocols

Trustless Driven Co-operatives moving forward with collaboration backed by commitment to "no tears" agreements.

Database ORMs

Choose an ORM that let's you use SQL but handles DB changes.


Select the best database and provider for admin capabilities.

DeFi Protocols

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a financial system based on distributed ledgers that decentralizes authority over financial products and services away from banks and institutions.

Desci DAOs

Key strengths over traditional conventions are:


How do you get the most out of Discord?

Enterprise Blockchain

How will web3 decentralisation eat into enterprise operations of each traditional business sector.


How will web3 communities impact the fashion industry?


Use faucets to fund testnet wallets


Fast build and testing of Solidity Smart Contracts in Rust.


What is the best strategy to raise to use AI and Web3 to fund business experiments?

Game Economics

Combine crypto tokenomics with traditional gaming economy design.

Github Repositories

Use Github Repositories Workbook to link code to explain concepts and adopt in potential use case opportunities.


Keep up to date DeFiHackLabs with Foundry


Illuvium: Join the fight for ETH


Instagram partners with Polygon for NFTs

Investment DAOs

The initial thesis of investment DAOs was that the combined network and skills of 60-100 DAO members comprised of builders and investors could better analyze and contribute value to projects than a traditional venture fund controlled by 2-3 partners.


Keet and Holepunch.

Loot Project

Loot is randomized adventurer gear generated and stored on chain.


Machines will become the primary workforce. MachineFi enables resources and intelligence to be financialized to deliver value and


Use humour to capture the mood of the moment.


By leveraging the full capability of the metaverse along with DeFi and DAOs, gaming is most likely to be the trojan horse that bring Web3 to the masses.


What is microsoft's AI+Web3 strategy?


Moralis The Firebase of Crypto

Network Effects

Network Effects (NFX) provide defensibility in the digital world.

Network States

To what extent will network states mesh with nation states to provide the freedom to run with your tribe but still contributing to essential infrastructure and services?


Production grade React applications that scale.



NFT Protocols

A non-fungible token is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger.

Nike metaverse marketing and NFT trading.

Onchain Engineering

Smart Contracts are only as smart as the data they are provided enables them to be.


Backs Web3 companies and protocols from $1M upto $100M+

Phygital NFTs

Phygital is loosely defined as any experience that combines both physical and digital elements.


POAPs, aka Proof of Attendance Protocol, are ERC-721 tokens that prove attendance of life experiences.

RWA Tokenization

The process of converting a real-world asset, such as property, into digital tokens that can be traded like any other digital asset.


Shopify merchants can use Avalanche NFTs

Social DAOs

Key strengths over traditional conventions are:

Software Dev Analysis

Analysis of common roles and responsibilities vs project capabilities for Software Development


Solidity for EVM compatible smart contracts.


With origins in World of Warcraft, a soulbound item, once picked up, cannot be transferred or sold to another player.


Pipe solutions together from Atomic Decision Units.


Starbucks is tech company that sells coffee and operates like a bank.

Startup Playbook

Play the game with purpose using critical thinking to navigate the critical path that leads to critical mass at critical velocity.


Bringing NFTs to life with more compelling storytelling.

Tech Startup

Evolve a framework for creating and evaluating startup ideas.

Technology Sector

The transformative wave of technologies that will sweep throught every operating process and industry to fundamentally change the way we think about and play the game.

Third Web

See for a multi-chain dev-kit

Tokenization Diagram



The study of factors that impact the demand and supply of tokens to capture value.

Types of DAOs

Many different types of DAOs are forming to solve specific purposes.

UI Components

See Component Driven Development to understand the benefit of having a storybook library of components.

Venture Capital Industry

Private equity type of financing provided by investors to startup companies and small businesses with high growth potential.


The third web of AI with onchain computing requires new mental models for how humans add value to this world.

Web3 and Brands

Which influential brands are adopting blockchain tech that have the network effects to prove blockchains value with the masses?

Web3 Chat App

Create a decentralised chat app that supports humans in building web3 economies and ecosystems.

Web3 DAO Project

See DAO Frontier for more on purpose and future direction of DAOs. For more on engineering how-to, see source code analysis of leading DAO projects.

Web3 DeFi App

Evolve a DEX from basic to more complex as understanding grows.

Web3 Dev Kits

What are the best starter kits available to kickstart web3 business projects?

Web3 Foundations

Web3 will require us to adopt new ways of thinking about how the world works.

Web3 Games

Easiest use case to understand how mass adoption of web3 will occur.

Web3 Job Roles

How do web3 job roles differ from traditional business and engineering roles?

Web3 Problems

What needs to be addressed reach critical mass for adoption? Where is that not a good idea?

Web3 Social App

What is the best decentralisation architecture for social content?

Web3 Standards

Standards are essential to producing predictable outcomes (components that can be assembled) from decentralised suppliers and created building blocks for greater innovation.

Web3 Tools

Applications and tools for working with blockchains.

Web3 UI Components

Goal is to have UI library that works seamlessly with standards compliant smart contracts providing solid UI design principles out of the box but with ability to be customised without limits.