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A process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations.


At our core we most crave gratitude from having fullfilled our sense of purpose.

Blockchain Decisions

Aim to help solve decision fatigue by help to navigate the decision maze when selecting a blockchain strategy for a given business model.

Chief Quality Officer

The chief quality officer (CQO) is responsible for planning, administration, and monitoring of consistent readiness of all quality management, regulatory requirements, and quality improvement processes.

Chief Technology Officer

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for leading tech stack decisions that complement business strategy.


Measure outputs to control inputs.

Critical Path

Strategy and tactics to follow the path that maintains the optimal state of flow.

DAO Protocols

Trustless Driven Co-operatives moving forward with collaboration backed by commitment to "no tears" agreements.

Decision Automation

The advantage of smart contract are ability to automate decisions and release energy to execute on them.

Decision Mantra

Use mantra to make better decisions in times of pressure to overcome system one biases.

Decision Narratives

Use weighted JTBD stories to quantify belief in a narrative to shape the path to a believable valuation, then walk backwards to check execution plan vs risk framework to strengthen conviction and commitment.

Discounted Cash Flow

How would you validate the future value of time, effort and risk if you could not use money as a barometer of sucesss?


The debt load will continue to grow exponentially, unless a new technology or energy source is invented or discovered that dramatically increases the productivity and the economic potential of society, and by extension, future tax revenues.


Humans are more motivated more by loss than gains.


Qualify and quantify forecasts for what the future looks like.


What routine checks and balances needs to be setup to manage this process optimally?

Game Theory

In Game Theory this is any interaction between two or more players in which each player's payout is influenced by their own and others' decisions.

Ikea Effect

Why do we place disproportionately high value on things we helped to create?


Hacker Laws for coders.


Business model defensibility.


Play poker to improve decision making skills.


Aim to find balance with priorities


Impacts good decision making on how to invest time and energy.


Learn how to identify the most important problem you need to focus time and attention to.

Reciprocity Bias

Reciprocity bias describes the impulse to reciprocate actions others have done towards us. The desire to return favours, pay back debts and treat others well could have been a decisive evolutionary advantage for humans as it engenders cooperation. However, reciprocity bias can also work in reverse — in response to unfriendly actions, people will deliver back other unfriendly actions!

Risk Metrics

The chance that your investment outcome will be a substantial loss of potential energy.

Route Optimisation

Automate routing case decisions to fulfill intentions to extract maximal value from a network of solution providers.


The best teams adapt fastest to the playing conditions.

Rugby Admin

What ideas from rugby could be used for better business?

SaaS Evaluation Checklist

Build or buy? A SAAS tool should help to co-ordinate resources towards your stategic bets on the future which it also helped to form through operational data analysis.


Can we engineer soul into the systems that govern our behaviour?

Standardisation Problem

The more processes can be standardised globally the more they can be collectively analysed and improved to create improve decision making and execution.

Touch Rugby

Across genders and generations, touch rugby is a sport open to everyone to get fit through play, learning new skills and make strong connections while having fun.


What is the meaning of success?

Wayne Smith

Better decisions under pressure. Optimism is a skill you need to train.