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A process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations.

Chaotic Problems

Chaotic problems are difficult to understand the relation between cause and effect. No obvious pattern to follow. Financial markets, highly dynamic and personal, results reflect changes in time and complex data structures.


Place yourself in another persons shoes, recognise their biases and help them see better options.

Collective Wisdom

Capability to do the right thing, the right way in the right time for the right reasons.

Complex Problems

Complex problems requires analysis and reflection, ad-hoc problem solving with workflows to help solve the problem. Resolution is not a predictor of the future.

Complicated Problems

Complicated: Need domain expertise/experience to understand the problem and how to fix with decision tree in the workflow map. Best practice analysis


Web3 will automate complex decision making. Engineers need to make sure they close the control loop to create virtuous cycles.

Critical Path

Strategy and tactics to follow the path that maintains the optimal state of flow.


Forms a belief narrative about the team, purpose and process.

Decision Log

Keep a track on conflicts and compromises by logging key decisions made and the process that went into them to guard against interpreting reality to fullfill our own narrative.

Decision Making

How and what you decide controls the flow and perception of value.

Dev Stack Checklist

Continually evolve an evaluation process that assists documenting decisions when architecting your tech stack so that new engineers can be onboarded more effectively and everyone understands the criteria for promoting better options as they become available.

Dev Stacks

Intent is go from idea to solving valuable problems with minimum time and effort by leveraging a monorepo architecture to innovate at the edges then draw best practices into shared libraries to build multiple apps from a single code base with the best developer experience possible.


Fancy titles are not required, all companies legally require are directors - Elon Musk


At our core we most crave Gratitude from having fullfilled our purpose to live to up to our sense of destiny.

Ikea Effect

Why do we place disproportionately high value on things we helped to create?

Immutable Truths

In philosophy and logic, an immutable truth is an unchanging universal fact or reality that is not influenced by human opinion. According to positivism, observation and experience are the only ways for immutable truths to become fully realized or understood


Bill Ackman's 5-Step Investing Checklist


Play to Learn, Play and Earn.


The most profitable businesses solve the most valuable problems?

Projects Playbook

Build a great team focused on evolving processes and you'll still win even when you lose.


Decision Profit Optimisation.


Games within games by teams within teams.

Self Mastery

How to think and act productively, particularly when times are tough.

Simple Problems

Simple: The impact of cause and effect are well-defined. Simple data analysis to monitor and easily understood workflows to prevent or fix problems without much experience. Best practice exists

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts control the flow of information and value on a blockchain through one way decisions based on immutable logic acting on data compiled and stored to ensure integrity.


Can we engineer soul into our systems?

Standardisation Problem

The more processes can be standardised globally the more they can be collectively analysed and improved to create improve decision making and execution.

Super Forecasters

Forecasting the future. Vision is long term, prediction is short term.


A good thesis statement will usually include the following four attributes:

Thomas Uhm

Learning how to think to make good trading decisions.

Touch Rugby

Across genders and generations, touch rugby is a sport open to everyone to get fit through play, learning new skills and make strong connections while having fun.


People feel happier when they trust their best intentions are being looked after.

Valuable Stories

When you can retell someone else's story, better than they tell it themselves, you can then dissect to establish where the value is.

Wayne Smith

Coach better decision making under pressure.