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Think of Customers as collaborators. Let your followers lead the way. Build strong network effects.

Developer Roadmaps

What is the critical path to becoming a master developer? How is mastery recognised?


The dominant blockchain will most likely be the ecosytem that creates the best developer experience that secures mindshare. Ethereum has a big headstart on this.


How do you get the most out of Discord?


Meta learning learn how to learn more effectively and contribute back to collective wisdom.


You know you know it when you can teach it.

User Experience

There needs to be a better user interface that abstracts away complexity of the underlying Web3 infrastructure to simplify common workflows.

Web3 Foundations

Join the buidlguidl by following course to build web3 solutions with Scaffold Eth and learn from others as you progress together.

Web3 Jobs

How do you get started working in crypto?

Web3 Onboarding

We need to stop repaving the same old paths and explore new ways of responding to age old questions.

Web3 Real World Roadmap

How can Blockchain, IoT and other tech platforms be combined to solve real world problems such as supply chain optimisation.