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The world is becoming increasingly complex and chaotic and the systems we are supposed to believe in are fucked.

At this point in time we are unwitting volunteers in the largest social engineering experiment in human history.

You can't sovlve a problem if you lack the courage to face up to it, and you can't make progress if you can't gain consensus the problem is worth solving. What are the most important problems civilisation needs to address?

  1. The Kekul Problem
  2. Man's search for meaning
  3. Loneliness
  4. Distrust
  5. Dopamine traps
  6. Tech acceleration
  7. Crony Capitalism
  8. The Industrial War Complex
  9. People desire fame over character
  10. Your attention is being manipulated
  11. Bot created digital pollution
  12. The young can't afford to buy a home, the old are struggling alone

Problem Solving

Search for Meaning

What happens when millions of people find out the skills they spent thousands of hours building have been replaced by AI?


Dopamine traps created by social media are robbing people of real connection.


Trust is the foundation of the coordination games that make society tick and risks rapid errosion due to proliferation of AI fueled digital pollution.

  • Proxy Governments
  • Failing Systems
  • Massive Debt
  • Loss of Faith

Tech Acceleration

Tech changes us more than we shape it. AI is a massive bet that a few very well paid people will set the trajectory of a positive feedback loop in a fulfilling direction for the rest of us.


Who is going to reeducate all the middle people that are laid off, whose capabilities are now irrelevant?

Crony Capitalism

Leaders driven by ego to outperform competitors to win over Wall Street analysts.

  • Ego Trumps Ethics
  • Cannot trust centralised power
  • The rich will become much much richer

Challenges By Discipline