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A process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations.

Analytical Dashboards

An analytical dashboard is a type of dashboard that comprises a large amount of data that analysts have generated and are using to assist executives. They provide a full perspective of data to a company, with middle management being a critical component of its use.

Critical Path

Strategy and tactics to follow the path that maintains the optimal state of flow.

Decision Log

Keep a track on conflicts and compromises by logging key decisions made and the process that went into them to guard against interpreting reality to fullfill our own narrative.

Decision Making

How and what you decide controls the flow and perception of value.


Approach: write application level documentation


Focused attention on how to bring the vision to life.

Knowledge Capture Questions

Questions to evolve organisational knowledge to improve information processing to mitigate threats and maximise opportunities.


What gets measured gets improved

Operational Dashboards

One of the types of dashboards used for monitoring and managing activities with a shorter time horizon is an operational dashboard. They're frequently administered by junior levels of management because they focus on tracking operational processes.

Process Optimisation

Make the most of lessons learned to add layers of wisdom with the aim steps can be followed by the least skillful resource available or automated by technology.

Project Scope

Make the best strategic decisions for what next? through continous process optimisation:

Projects Playbook

Build a great team focused on evolving processes and you'll still win even when you lose.


Define ratios for what time of thinking is needed to evolve.

Standardisation Problem

The more processes can be standardised globally the more they can be collectively analysed and improved to create improve decision making and execution.

Strategic Dashboards

A strategic dashboard is a reporting tool that uses crucial success metrics to track a company's long-term strategy. They're frequently complicated to create, have a wide-ranging impact on a company, and are primarily employed by top management.

Tactical Dashboards

The analysis and monitoring of processes by mid-level management is aided by a tactical dashboard, which emphasizes the analysis. The organization then successfully monitors the achievement of the company's aim and makes analytic recommendations for future plans.


Leveraging and predicting the value of things.