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Buidl Dreams

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There are too many decisions to start a project that should already be solved. Protocols should add their best starters to an open source monorepo to make it easier to compare options and rapidly iterate on ideas while maintaining a pitch deck to align intentions with actions when running growth experiments with the aim of creating a better future.

first principles of flow

Every lasting business is the result of a series of projects where the value of success exceeds the cost of failure. Learn to invest your time and energy wisely it is your most valuable resource.


Required knowledge:

Decision Framework

Use your pitch deck as your North Star to align intentions and guide your decision making on how much resources you should commit to growth experiments.

Explore or exploit? Leverage AI to run minimal cost experiments to explore opportunities by testing a hypothesis to grow confidence for taking on larger bets.


Never get too attached to your ideas, always stay in touch with your values.

DirectionClarity of Intention
ConvictionStrength of Belief
NavigationControl System
CompassValue Ledger

Growth experiments:

Digital Properties

Digital properties that commonly need to be built:

Pitch Deck

If you can sell the dream, you can build it.

Flow of Being

The best idea doesn't always win, the idea that is sold the best does. Leverage crypto to incentivise customers into forming a decentralized salesforce.

Tech Stack

Build a tech stack to convert thoughts into valuable things.

App Architecture

  • NX Monorepo
  • TypeScript
  • TailwindCSS
  • Nextjs
  • Shadcn
  • Supabase


Hackathon Kits


Domain names to build an ecosystem of complimentary services:

What is the MIQ you should be asking yourself?