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I believe Web3 provides the significant opportunity to improve the systems that run the world to produce happier outcomes for us all. Because I found it hard to navigate a path through the complexity of new concepts at operating models I started this site to:

  1. Record evolving thoughts of the Web3 ecosystem and impact on traditional systems
  2. create a breadcrumb trail to retrieve information quickly when needed
  3. create a roadmap of things learned and concepts I need to learn
  4. create space for the unconscious imagination to fill with ideas
  5. explore new opportunities by linking thinking

Hopefully this site will also be a useful resource to those that prefer an outside-in approach to thinking.

Information in cv format

Mental Model

Create space to connect dots and colour in details.

  1. Break things down by dimensions
  2. Create matrices against those dimensions to identify knowledge gaps
  3. Identify roadmaps to fill in knowledge most needed
  4. Use matrices to slot in insights as they occur
  5. Use matrices to identify and leverage opportunities

Use ANKI flashcards to create stronger neural connections to increase working memory and if you can't remember details you can still easily find a reference source.

Dimensions for thinking in matrices:

Value Proposition - Why?

Engineering Process - How?

Resources - What Tools?

Teamwork - Who?


Revisit and refine the big questions check domain knowledge and perception of reality to drive engineering better routines that enable deeper thinking.

  • Where are we going?
  • Why are we going there?
  • Are we on track?
  • Is this the best way to do things?
  • What are we missing?

Teach knowledge, Coach wisdom


What is the value of seeing through an idea?


  • Cognitive Load
  • Complexity
  • Rate of Change
  • Short Terminism
  • Thinking Fast
  • Abstraction
  • Lack of Empathy

Based on experience creating models to justify captial expenditure, a few years ago I worked on personal project to create a system that enabled trading decision making processes.

The idea being these could be stacked and evaluated against ledger for forecast value when making strategic project decisions on six weekly cycle.

The reasoning being that all that we are is a reflection of our decision making processes. So if we got better a sharing processes for making better decisions that would be the best way to preserve our futures.

The problem I had seen is that the fundamental stories that discounted cash flow numbers will built upon, were fictious bullshit, but the financial decision makers lacked the depth of domain knowledge to understand this.


Form decisions by aggregating quantifable thought paths of domain experts

Routing Algorithm

With phones or watches you have devices that can help to recognise triggers and present best practice option follow. To follow a process would provide a micropayment to the author(s) of the process. Where processes would like a git repo/blockchain that would maintain a history of the evolution of thought.


A decision is only as good as your organisations ability to execute adequately to meet desired benchmarks that deem the experiment a success.


Books are inefficient at making knowledge actionable / Everyone has a plan until the get punched in the face

To quanity value reinvent the cash flow statement to respresent the value ledger we maintain in our own minds when weighing up decision options.