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Supporting Processes

Jobs that need to be done to keep the business in legal compliance and maintain systems integrity.

Internal processes that are required to make sure other processes can run, usually managed with a department-specific software solutons.


Processes that are required to support an organisation's ability to focus on processes that create value.

Reflect on questions that will drive growth

  • What are the marketing leading applications?
  • Do decentalised app solutions exist?
  • What is the benefit of decentalised architecture?
  • How effectively could a DAO operate this process.
  • Does a service DAO exist to manage this process?


Awareness, Assessment, and Priority?

  • Awareness: What do you know about the Job to be Done?
  • Assessment: What is the current state of the process?
  • Assessment: What is the desired state of the process?


  1. No map
  2. Mapped
  3. Consistent
  4. Automated


Awareness, Assess and Priority

Best Tech?


Awareness, Assess and Priority

  1. Do you know what skillsets are required?
  2. Do you have the right people?
  3. How much cover?
  4. How much cover needed?


Compliance Accounting

SOP NameProcessPeoplePlatformAIOnchain
Compliance Cycle0-4 : ARRR

Management Accounting is under Finance

Human Resources

Human Resources

SOP NameProcess MapPersonnelPlatformAI StrategyWeb3 Strategy
Employee onboardingRRRRR
Development and appraisalRRRRR
Employee leaveRRRRR
Flexible working requestRRRRR
Disciplinary & grievanceRRRRR
Employee offboardingRRRRR

Information Technology

Information Technology

SOP NameProcess MapPersonnelPlatformAI StrategyWeb3 Strategy
Technology ManagementRRRRR

Data Management

Data Management

SOP NameProcess MapPersonnelPlatformAI StrategyWeb3 Strategy
Financial Analysis, ReportingRRRRR
Compliance, GDPRRRRRR


What industry specific operating procedures exist?