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Games offer an unparalleled medium to craft immersive stories that unfold within the minds of participants.

For many, digital experiences are more valued than the physical world.

Stories build culture, culture creates loyalty, loyalty brings liquidity. Where liquidity can be thought of as any form of asset, resource or instrument that allows a greater flow and options.

Crypto backed provides greater incentives for participation than traditional games, allowing people to with a wider range of interests to find enjoyment in a broader sense of playing the game.

Every time you play a game, you're choosing how to spend your time and attention. That is a decision we are constantly making that is often operating at a subconscious level and we don't necessarily take ownership of it. If you can start to ask yourself, why am I playing this game? And why did I want to play it now and start to articulate why you're making the choice to play? I think that, that actually can help you develop more clarity in all of the things you do. - Jane McGonigal

The games we choose to play are the best teachers, with languages that are both unique and universal. Everything is a coordination game. The bonds created by playing games are far more valuable than the results.

  • Culture builds trust
  • Trust builds loyalty
  • Loyalty builds liquidity

Life imitates art far more than art imitates life - Oscar Wilde


Personal Growth

Playing games builds confidence you can adapt to challenging situations.

Games are designed to frustrate players, forcing them to adapt by learning new systems and rules, which builds transferable skills for the real world.

For information to be valuable it needs to be understandable and actionable. Game provide a system to explore your own learning curve at a rate the maintains a flow state.

The games we choose to play are the best teacher and motivator for growth.

Coordination Games

Games sell stories, stories shape culture, culture builds loyalty, loyalty brings liquidity.

To coordinate capital, the strength of culture attracts attention and loyalty. The games we play are critical to building culture. Playing games is an essential learning tool because they teach good decision making processes in lower stakes environments.


There are no moats, just culture.

Humans innate ability to intuitively coordinate to collaborate is our strongest power and provides the strongest feeling of fulfillment. Games will form the social glue of digital cities that live on top of a mesh of blockchain protocols.


A game can become a bank easier than banking can change it's culture.

With open source DeFI protocols every game can easily evolve into a liquidity factories that can be used to fund the development of coordination games.


Project management is a coordination game. A business is a series of projects to explore growth opportunities.

The future of games is phygital. What gamers can coordinate to build in the digital world will be built in the physical world.

Interoperability and composability standardiation and learning from coordination games holds the key to leveraging AI to unlock human potential to innovate safely at scale.

Evolve coordination games between Players and Agents build trusted relationships.

  • Incentives
  • Intentions
  • Actions
  • Outcomes
  • Reflection
  • Questions

Balancing Human Intelligence with AI

Phygital Games

Phygital Gaming is the combination of physical and digital gaming experiences.

Mixed reality sport with be the next evolution of gaming human potential.

Education Games

Marketing Games

Onchain Games provide an essential marketing vehicle to cut through AI campaign pollution.