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Future of Work

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Everyone needs to rethink their mental model of how things work and what work is.


The most valuable skill is to sell stories that align intentions and strengthen resolve to take impactful action.



What roles and responsibilities are essential for an organisation to reach critical velocity for growth? How can smaller businesses effectively recruit expertise on demand?

DisciplineRoleCritical JobsAI ImpactBC Impact
BusinessCommercial Officer00%0%
BusinessFinancial Officer00%0%
BusinessOperations Officer00%0%
BusinessHuman Resources Officer00%0%
BusinessLegal Officer00%0%
Business EngineerMarketing Officer00%0%
Business EngineerRisk Officer00%0%
Business EngineerInformation Security Officer00%0%
Business EngineerInformation Officer00%0%
Business EngineerTechnology Officer00%0%
Business EngineerData Officer00%0%
Business EngineerAI Engineer00%0%
Business EngineerGame Engineer00%0%
Business EngineerProduct Engineer00%0%
EngineerPlatform Engineer00%0%
EngineerProtocol Engineer00%0%

Business Engineers combine engineering protocols with an indepth understanding of business operations and objectives to deliver solutions that align commercial and technical teams that may have adversarial incentives.


Invest in systems that enable everyone to play heads up rugby.

Collective Wisdom

Play long term game with long term people. All progress starts with awareness.

Masterminds: The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in a spirit of harmony... no two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind. - Napoleon Hill

What values, systems and complimentary talents do need to thrive in chaos? What does your perfect team look like?

Social glue is critical to the flow of progress.

  • Incentive
  • Mission
  • Roadmap

You are the average of the five agents/people you spend the most time with and you spend more of your life with work mates than anyone else. Invest wisely in the focus of your work and those you will be spending your time with.

Everyone is an engineer now


Soft skills in non-adjusted reality are one area AI cannot compete with humans... yet. Coaches and Zone of Proximal Development matching will shape the future of human progression.


Challenge the status quo to drive new culture of exploration with a resilient growth mindset and strong belief in the power of growing collective intelligence.



Problem Solving

Problems sell products, improve mental models to explore problems in order to distribute valuable solutions.

  • Traits
  • Intellectual standards
  • Ability to reason

Intellectual Traits: help to reach intellectual standards.

  • Humility, Perseverance, Autonomy, Empathy, Fairness, Integrity, Courage, Confidence in reasoning.

Intellectual Standards: improve ability to reason.

  • Accuracy, Precision, Clarity, Depth, Relevance, Significance, Logical, Fairness, Sufficiency, Breadth

Reasoning: evolves intellectual traits.

Purposes, Inferences, Questions, Concepts, Points of view, Implications, Information, Assumptions

Decision Making

Business engineers help organisations make difficult decisions by analysing data to manage risk and maintain focus on a clear value proposition.

  1. Improve communication of purpose and problems
  2. Add efficiency by reducing waste
  3. Improve quality of SLA deliverables
  4. Explore new opportunities for growth

Map procesess and workflows to communicate how operational units currently function at a micro-level then use that information to build models that prove the value proposition of solutions that enable an organisation to scale operations efficiently while exploring new opportunities for growth.

Job Boards

Tranformational work opportunities:

What is the MIQ you should be asking yourself?