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Select a toolkit that enables your team to do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons.

Job to be DoneProducts
All in One Business Suite (ERP)
AI SearchPerplexity, Chat GPT, Claude, Google
Accounting & Expense ManagementXero
Audio & Video ProductionDescript,, Riverside, Synthesia, Opus Clips, MeetSteno
Business Intelligence
Code & DevelopmentGitHub Copilot,,, Tavily, Pypestream
Customer Relationship ManagementHubSpot
Customer Service/, Intercom, Siena CX
Data Management (Security, Integrity)
Document Management
Employee Recognition
Graphic DesignAdobe Generative Fill,, Gamma, Canva
Marketing Automation
Meetings & SchedulingFathom, Fireflies, Rewatch,
Onboarding Software
Process Mapping & ReengineeringNotion AI,,
Project and Resource ManagementGoodday
Quality Management
Sales &, Jasper, Clay, PowerIn
SpreadsheetsExcel, Sheets, Airtable
Workflow AutomationZapier, Make
Writing and EditingGrammarly, Hemingway, Superhuman, HoppyCoppy,
Video Conferencing

The company that needs a tool and hasn't bought it is already paying for it - Charlie Munger

Constantly upgrade your toolkit and workflow processes to maximize leverage for growth.

  • How would data flow through the stack of tools above?
  • Which applications hold the most valuable data?
  • How will AI replace the need for each JTBD category?
  • Where are the biggest functionality overlaps?
  • How easy to leverage AI to build a custom stack? What data flow benefits?
  • What process model justifies the need for the software?
  • How do you best evaluate per job to be done?


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Simplicity vs Utility vs Cost vs Lock-in:

Maintain a decision journal to drive improvement of selection criteria.

In the age of 1000x developers when and where should you buy vs build to take control of your vertical?

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