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Science is the engine the pulls humanity forward.

Engineering turns scientific breakthroughs into scalable standards and businesses sell the outcomes.



The practice of disovering repeatable protocols that consistently deliver predictable results.

Evolve by exploring with experiments

Make an observationDevelop curious attention
Ask a questionThe best you can think of
ResearchLearn about the subject
HypothesisA testable explanation
Make predictionsMake predictions of expected outcomes
ExperimentDesign and perform an experiment to test your hypothesis
Data/AnalysisRecord observations and analyze the meaning of the data
ConclusionHow accurate was your prediction
IterateAsk an evolved question

Today's facts are tomorrow's fiction.


A good hypothesis statement includes four attributes:

  1. Can be disagreed with.
  2. Subject can be improved and quantified.
  3. Clearly expresses one main idea.
  4. Has potentional for a clear conclusion.

Observer Effect

The observer effect refers to the fact that observing a situation inevitably changes it. While observer effects are fundamental in quantum mechanics, they also occur in classical systems across various fields like sociology, psychology, linguistics, and computer science.

Ignoring observer effects can lead to errors interpreting results, so addressing them is important.


  • Research funding is hard to come by and centralized
  • Replication is tough as much is done in silos
  • Incentives are off-kilter with only 2% of funding going to researchers under 35
  • Data is often inaccessible and lives behind paywalls


Decentralised science.

Rapdidly validate with unbiased replicatable results to point to new truths.

Token Incentives